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    Fully Introduce GMP Quality system

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    Fully introduce GMP quality system to improve quality of the company.
    In August 2017, in order to accelerate self-improvement, meet customers’ requirements, to further enhance the overall production and quality management level, and to meet customers’ inspection requirements with high standards, Lantise has fully introduced GMP quality system on the basis of getting ISO9001:2015 Quality Management system certification.
          GMP is the short form for Good Manufacturing Practice, which is a system especially focusing on the autonomous management of quality and health and safety of the products in production process. It is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food industries, requiring companies to reach the sanitary requirements based on relevant regulations from the perspective of raw materials, personnel, facilities, equipment, production process, packaging, transportation, quality control, etc. so that a set of operational code of conduct could be formed to help enterprises improve health environment, timely discover and ameliorate the problems existing in the production process.

           Since the implementation of GMP system, the company has strengthened mandatory requirements of medical supplies, such as health protection, harmful substances control, product tracing, defective product recalling, etc. in form with characteristics of products, on the basis of the original production and quality management, so as to the product quality and factory management specification can be ensured to meet higher standards and requirements by customers.