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    Identify work of applying for national High-tech enterprises

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    Identify work of applying for national High-tech enterprises in 2017

       Lantise have signed contact with Shenzhen ChuangFu technology , Fully carry out the declaration of national High-tech Enterprises in 2017 years .

    In the beginning of nnineties , In order to establish the High-tech industry in China, the Chinese government promotes the rapid development of High-tech enterprises , The State Council authorizes the former National Science and Technology Commission to carry out the identification of High-tech enterprises in national hi-tech industry, and set up a series of financial, tax, financial, trade and other preferential policies. Expand the scope of High-tech enterprises to the national scope in 1996 .

    In the national high-tech Enterprise declaration work, the company has carried on the specialized audit to the finance, the research and development work, has combed and obtained many copyrights and the patent rights, has built the Exchange platform with other outstanding enterprise . To obtain the qualification of national High-tech Enterprises, will further promote the company's financial, research and development system to improve and standardize, get more support from the Government, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the company, speed up the brand development strategy to lay a solid foundation .