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    New upgrade samples room, to be a more professional, more co

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    New upgrade samples room, to be a more professional, more comprehensive, more exquisite image to show the self

    Lantise company began to design, decorate samples showroom in October 2016 , the room was divided into home and medical two products line by function .

    Home Furnishings Exhibition Hall was designed by domestic professional designers, through reasonable layout, clever collocation and modelling chic Booth , presents a colorful space level, giving people a very beautiful visual experience, and then use warm lights and window propaganda screen, to create a warm, comfortable, high taste of the product display environment

    Medical sample room was designed & decorated by American designer . Some products designed by adopting the latest technology from current consumer market , incorporating more technology and health concepts. The whole exhibition hall, whether from product design, function introduction, spatial layout, tonal collocation and other aspects of the unique characteristics of medical rehabilitation supplies, and integration of the western aesthetic, to create a new vision of the display space

    The updated exhibition room collect  product display, business negotiations, exchanges, leisure in one, more professional, more exquisite to face customers from all over the world .